What is SEO?

SEO stands for:

Search Engine Optimization is Optimizing Your Company's Online Presence for People AND the Search Engines they Use to Find & Enjoy Your Content. The focus of SEO is to Organically Increase Exposure to Your Brand and Increase the Quality & Quantity of the Website Traffic (without ads).

Many Business Owners Conclude that SEO would Rank #1 as the Best Marketing Tactic for Highest ROI (Return on Investment)!

While Paid Ads DO increase Traffic and Monthly Revenue, SEO gets your business More Recognition (by Utilizing Keywords that People in Need of Your Services or Products are Entering into search engines like Google). Colored Coat Creative uses White hat SEO techniques and best practices.

Our goal is 5X or better Positive ROI.

Think about a Search Engine like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" πŸ› (by Eric Carle); The Search Engines WANT to find all the "Tasty Treats" they can. They Eat & Eat & Eat Information Constantly and Log the Details (Indexing) of Every "bite" they take as they "Crawl" along.

Eric Carle "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" as a simile for SEO Definition

...but their Capabilities can only take them so far (Caterpillars are Not Magical & Neither are Search Engines πŸ˜…).

Imagine Every Non-Text Items or Recipe on a webpage As Invisible Fruit; Every Photo, Video, Linked file, Recipe etc. is invisible to Search Engines.

Though the Search Engines would be happy to Crawl & Nibble (Index) Non-Text Data or Recipe Style Data they just CANNOT.

We have Special ways to HELP the little "Caterpillars" Understand our Content Better using Advanced Frameworks and Languages (like HTML [Hypertext Markup Language], JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, AJAX, HTML5, Schema Microdata, JSON-LD [JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data], Embedded or Inline Microdata and RDFa [Resource Description Framework in Attributes]). It is Critical that Your Websites Code is Clean, Efficient and Free of Errors.

Now, Imagine EACH Web Page as an Individual Fruit 🍎;

And Your Website's HOME Page As the Tree Trunk.

Then, Think of EACH Page's URL (Uniform Resource Locator) As a Necessary "Branch" (address) to Reach EACH Fruit (A Specific Page & Your "Juicy" Content).

The "Hungry Caterpillar" needs to START on the "Tree Trunk" (Your Home Page)

...to "Crawl" to Each Available "Branch" (Context & Internal Links, URL's, etc.)

...to get to the "Fruit" (Your Companies Pages & Your "Juicy" Content)

...and then be able to come back down again!

Without those "branches" the "Fruit" would be Impossible to reach (therefore, no Crawling or Indexing).

Some common Issues that may prevent our Awesome "Caterpillars" from Crawling & Indexing a Page on a Website may include:

A Page may be a New "Branch", therefore, it may not easily be found (Social sharing and internal linking would be beneficial here), may have a broken link, duplicate URL's, incorrectly read URL Parameters (may need to define URL Parameters through search console and webmaster tools), incorrect or missing Redirect, etc.

Even IF the "Caterpillars" can Crawl and Index Your Pages and the Entire Website Successfully that does Not guarantee Your Pages or Website will Show up on a Search Engines First Page..

While the Caterpillar (i.e Search Engine) will happily Nibble Any Fruit (to Crawl & Index it) PEOPLE are more Particular and they know this.

As People Search for Specific things (through Search Queries) our kind "Caterpillars" will provide results for what has PROVEN to be the most Relevant and Top Quality Resources they can (they would prefer Not to offer us rotten fruit if they can help it, though of course some gets through short-term by using black hat SEO).

Our Lovely "Caterpillars" Judge All Websites by the Same Standards and the Most Important of those Standards for You to Focus on is Building Authority & Relevance.

Web Authority is Your Website's Reputation & Online Value. You can can Increase Your Online Value by Contributing Quality Content to the Worldwide Web; Content that not only Links Back to Your Website but Content People Actually Like and Want to Share. Example, How Many Quality Shares, Page Re-Visits, Quality BackLinks, Guest Authoring, etc. Your Company has Earned. This Builds Trust with the "Caterpillars" (Search Engines).

If Your Company has Not Established Trust with the "Caterpillars" then they are hesitant about recommending Your "tree" (website) and any of its "branches" (Pages).

The Keywords Your Company Uses, also, plays a Huge Role within SEO to Determine Relevance. If your Products or Services are Not Relevant You will Not be Shown, However, IF they ARE Relevant but You Still are not Shown Your Chosen Keywords Likely are impacting where you land on the results pages OR Your Page Authority is not higher than your Competition..

Either of those situations is Unideal and will Result in Less Recognition, Less Leads, Less Conversions & Less Monthly Revenue.

So, if You Still do Not Know WHY SEO Matters for Your Company;

Below are just SOME of the things that can IMPACT SEO!

  • A Confusing Website Structure
  • Having Broken Links
  • Not taking advantage of Appropriate Contextual & Internal Linking
  • Not Utilizing the Proper Keywords*

* Keywords are Always Changing; the way people search (ex. short-tailed or long-tailed keywords) varies along with how Specific (Demographics & Geographics can be included) Your keywords need to be for Your Niche/Field of Business and products/services.

  • Lacking Relevant, Quality Backlinks
  • No "Authority" Online
  • Not taking advantage of Social Media Links/Sharing

Ok, I Get it, SEO is SUPER IMPOTANT...

...But, What IF My Website is NOT SEO Friendly?! Am I Doomed?!

Will My Business EVER be on Page ONE Organically?!

Don't Fret! Search Engines Return Frequently to find Any New "Fruits" You have to Offer and regularly follow any "branches" (Links, URL's) they Can to Index the results.

However, keep in mind, where they need to Start and the Importance of Site Structure and Internal Linking!

There is ALWAYS Time for you to Improve Your SEO! If You do Not have the Time or Capability We can do it for You!

However, the SOONER You Improve Your White Hat SEO the SOONER You will Earn More Recognition, More Trust and Your Leads will More Easily Convert into SALES! πŸ˜˜πŸ›

* Keep in Mind, SEO can take MONTHS to capture a High Amount of Organic SEO Traffic, While you work on Your Company's SEO (or have US do that) taking advantage of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads on Facebook &/or Google would be Most Advantageous!

Is that it?

SEO sounds Easy...

...This page is just the Tip of the SEO Iceberg

(Yeah, the simile turns into "like an Iceberg" as you go further into SEO πŸ§ŠπŸ˜‚)

These Little Crawlers (Search Engines) are Definitely Uncontrollable BUT we can HELP them by creating links for them to follow, Unique and Structured URL's, HTML & XML Sitemaps for them to Read, Meta Tags to Inform them and Robots.txt files to guide them. Learning More about SEO and using the Methods Mentioned here will HELP Your Company get Indexed as Soon as Possible πŸ›β€οΈ

P.s Feel free to ask about the ROOTS of the tree and how to Make a Stronger Foundation and what would be Considered the High-Value Feeder Roots to Your Website! πŸ˜‰

A Big World CAN Equal Big Recognition.. Let Us Get You More Recognition with Our Help @ColoredCoatCreative!

Let's START by Checking Your SEO, Your Company's Performance and Your Reputation; To See what would Benefit Your Company Most.

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A Big World CAN Equal Big Recognition.. Let Us Get You More Recognition with Our Help @ColoredCoatCreative!

Let's START by Checking Your SEO and Your Company's Performance; To See what would Benefit Your Company Most.

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